Master Programme

Master Programme in Social Security

For those who are interested in deepening their knowledge, the master-after-master programme Master in European Social Security offers a specialised study of social security in the broadest sense of the word. Within the Master two tracks are possible, a practice oriented track (including a three months internship) or a research oriented track (including the development and writing of a PhD proposal as master paper).

This programme is offered as a combination of contact teaching and research learning, offering those who are professional active the opportunity to keep working while following the programme which leads to a (advanced) Master diploma.

Official website of the Summer School and Master Programme

It is now possible to apply for the Master of European Social Security. The application deadline is 1 March for non-EEA citizens, and 1 June for EEA citizens. Registration for the Master is also possible during the Summer School.
Do note that participation in the Summer School is a prerequisite to participate in the Master!


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