Blended courses

Blended courses in social security

Several blended courses on social security are available through our Institute. "Blended" means that the courses offer both online and face-to-face learning activities. You can have a look at the video's on this page for a short introduction to each course.

NEW: the course module 'EU Social Security Coordination' has been finished and can now be accessed online.

The course gives you an overview of the objectives and functioning of European social security coordination. It was developed by dr. Rob Cornelissen, who has been the head of several departments of the European Commission in fields such as free movement of workers, social protection and social inclusion, anti-racism and coordination of social security.

To complement and exchange education

If you are a social security educator, then you probably would like to complement your teaching with one of the blended courses here in offer.

No fee is requested but, ideally, a course should be exchanged with another course. The teacher using one course from our network should, in exchange, offer a new course (his/her own course) to the network. We offer you then the possibility of disseminating your course (and expertise) in the broad EISS network. For more information, please contact us at info[at]

For personal development

You can also request access to the courses for your own professional development. Two courses are now available on the open platform CourseSites:

  • International Law on Social Security (Prof. dr. Grega Strban)
  • European Union Competences Social Security (EU Constitutional law applied on social security) (Prof. dr. Paul Schoukens)

If you want to follow one of these courses, please let us know at info[at] and we can send you an invitation that grants you access to the course. All you would have to do, is sign up at for free.

The other courses are available on a closed platform. If you are interested in those, please contact us at info[at] and we will arrange your enrolment - also for free!

European Union Competencies Social Security (EU Constitutional law applied on social security) (Paul Schoukens)

International law on social security (Grega Strban)

Research Design and Methodology (Lina Kestemont)

Basic concepts of social security I &  II (Danny Pieters)

Social Security Implementation: a Focus on Administrators and Clients (Wim van Oorschot)

The impact of digitisation on social security and its implementation within social security administrations (Chris Gibbon)


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